Really easy to use POS software

All you need is a PC/Laptop in each store - Our Point Of Sale Software works on all platforms through any browser which makes HAT-INC.


Equipped with the featurer of the sales report of the month/day and with the bar and graphs.

Product Search

Serch your Products via the brief name or the product id.

One Click-Receipt Generate

Generate the receipt of the invoice in one single click

Centralized & Catalogue

Maintain a single, centralized catalogue across all your channels. Also, have great clarity of the available inventory at each channel.


Store your customer's contact information in our POS software and use it for targeted promotions for your retail business later.

Generate Invoices

Choose your own invoice template from our POS or customize it with additional details like your logo, brand, and contact information.

"Key benefits of HAT-INC Point Of Sale software"

Customers Data

Our retail POS software easily add products to sales or purchase orders by scan them so you can create Customers & monitor the products that customer buy.

Sales & order report

Easily handle taxes for different categories of products pertaining to the corresponding country or city you can now monitor the sales and the order of the customers from us.

Simplified & reliable billing

Your store billing and invoicing can be managed across registers from a unified software that keeps track of sales representatives at each cash counter.

Track returns

Easy recording and tracking of returned goods from your customers. Generate the updated invoice indicating the returned product and get updated inventory instantly.



What is a POS Software?

POS stands for Point Of Sale. A POS software helps you create and track sales and inventory in a retail store. In addition it can also integrate with Payment gateways to process payments. It uses data from these transactions to generate insights and helps you to manage your business better. We recommend reading the Point of Sale guide.

How can a POS Software help my business?

In the retail game, you need to be fast, accurate and efficient. A cloud-based, Point of Sale Software can work wonders for you and brings the convenience of taking orders on the fly and making sales where your customers are.

What are the key features of HAT-INC POS?

The key features of HAT-INC POS Software are:

  • Centralized Product catalog
  • Store customer's information
  • Generate invoices
  • Process returns and refunds
  • On account payment
  • Store credits

What hardware do I need to use HAT-INC?

HAT-INC is a cloud based application that is available on the browser from a desktop or a laptop. We have an iPad app coming soon as well. You can use any USB/Bluetooth based scanner and a standard receipt printer as well as an A4 printer in your store.

"Everything your retail business needs"