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"Our Cold Calling Services"

Experienced Salespeople

Led by a team of experienced writers and marketers who develop well- researched scripts, presentations and deliveries, our cold callers then develop powerful opening statements which include the advantages of your product/ service and the motivators for prospective customers to buy from your business.

Outsourcing Your Cold Calling Activity:

Very few smaller businesses have the resources to create and maintain a cold calling operation onsite and even larger businesses often lack the staff who have the right expertise in converting cold calls into sales instead of hang-ups.It’s for these reasons, and many more, that companies are increasingly outsourcing their cold calling lead generation efforts.

What You Can Expect:

We’ll research companies and identify the key decision-makers to increase the efficiency of our cold calling. Our team are fully trained in the art of building rapport and quickly establishing trust with prospects.Our team of lead generation experts will create bespoke telemarketing campaigns that are aligned with your company’s growth goals.

A Team Of Experienced Cold Callers You Can Trust:

Pearl Lemon’s cold callers also know how to handle the potential objections that they might encounter on a cold call and how to respond to them in a positive way that leads to more conversions and fewer disconnects.Every call is handled with the utmost professionalism, so that your brand’s reputation is protected, and enhanced at all times.

"Cold Calling Services FAQs"

Please let us know if you have any questions that haven’t been covered here, or if you are interested in hiring a professional cold calling agency.

Cold-calling is the art of reaching out to potential customers – via the telephone – who haven’t expressed any interest in the offered products or services. They may never have even heard of your company before. Cold calling sounds rather risky and has gained itself something of a poor reputation in some circles over the years. And yet in the right hands, it can still be one of the most effective methods of lead generation – and sales – available to any company today.
No, making a call to a person who has never solicited your services or contacted your company is not illegal, in the UK or the US. However, in both countries, there are strict laws and regulations that cover when and to whom they can be placed.One of the biggest ways that businesses inexperienced in cold calling get into trouble is when they violate – even if the violation is unintentional – these standards, resulting in damage to their business’ image and even potentially leading to fines. It’s for this reason that it’s imperative that cold calls are made within the legal guidelines. The team at Pearl Lemon knows these rules and inside out and can ensure that every cold call made won’t get you and your business into trouble.
Top salesmen have been using cold calling effectively for decades, even with the bad reputation it sometimes has. These people take the time to learn the art of proper cold calling – it really is an art – and to continue to learn and adjust their techniques – and their scripts – as their cold calling campaigns progress.Great cold callers know how to handle objections – and even insults – and how to engage the person they are calling rather than offend or upset them. Cold calling is not easy but some people are cut out for it. And for those who are not there are outsourced cold calling options like Pearl Lemon Leads.
Even though it is one of the oldest marketing methods out there – people have been making them since long before the Internet was even dreamt of – for some companies cold calling is indeed still very effective. There is no one single key to success though. An effective cold calling campaign depends on the people making the calls, the scripts they are using and their abilities to engage prospects in a real conversation that demonstrates the benefits they will gain by continuing to listen.Robocalls – which have increased in popularity and usage recently because they are cheap and easy – are not effective. They are not engaging and since they are most commonly used by scammers most people’s reaction is to immediately hang up. For cold calling to be effective it has to be conducted by humans, and humans who are skilled in the arts of sales and communication, not just people reading blindly from a script.
A bit of both is probably the best way. It’s important to have a script to give you confidence and keep the conversation on track, but a good cold caller will also be able to respond to unexpected questions and comments from the person they are talking to without getting flustered. Our team at Pearl Lemon Leads is full of cold-calling experts with years of experience handling all kinds of call scenarios.
We can help you create a targeted list of prospect leads with the right needs and authority to respond to your offering and move forward with the relationship. It is vital to go through this process of qualifying leads before you even speak so that you don’t waste time – either yours or someone else’s!
Before you even make the call, have your script in front of you and keep a clear picture in your head of the aim of the call – for example, booking an appointment or getting the prospect’s details for future marketing outreach?
Yes, absolutely, but make sure you have a voicemail script prepared in advance. Think of your voicemail as an opportunity to get your message across – be clear, be concise, and speak in a cheerful, professional tone of voice.

"Cold Calling Monthly Packages"

Silver Package

USD 116$
  • Dedicated Telemarketer (TM) : Yes
  • Research Existing Data Targets Before call: Yes
  • Single Product/Service in one call
  • One-hour call per business day
  • Number of research Questions asked: 4
  • Appointment setting: Audio
  • Live reporting of the calls
  • Report updates: Monthly
Most Popular

Gold Package

USD 174$
  • Dedicated Telemarketer (TM) : Yes
  • Research Existing Data Targets Before call: Yes
  • Build new records: Yes
  • Full Coperate Profiling: Yes
  • 2 Product/Service in one call
  • Two Hour call per business day
  • Number of research Questions asked: 6
  • Appointment setting: Audio
  • Live reporting of the calls
  • Self Service online campaign report: Yes
  • Report updates: Bi-Monthly

Platinum Package

USD 290$
  • Dedicated Telemarketer (TM) : Yes
  • Call and clense your Data/Contact list: Yes
  • Research Existing Data Targets Before call: Yes
  • 3-4 Product/Service in one call
  • Three Hour call per business day
  • Number of research Questions asked: 8
  • Appointment setting: Audio and Video
  • Live reporting of the calls
  • Report updates: Weekly
  • Email marketing campaign: Yes (upto 200 emails per day)
  • Creating proposals and sending them to clients: Yes

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us!